Sunday, August 18, 2013

President al-Assad: Syria is able to root out terrorism thanks to unity binding its army and people

Damascus, (SANA)- President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday stressed that Syria has welcomed all the constructive and sincere efforts to find a political solution to the crisis and is at the same time determined to confront terrorism until totally uprooting it.

During a meeting with a delegation representing a number of Mauritanian parties and popular organizations and unions, President al-Assad affirmed that Syria is able to root out terrorism thanks to the matchless unity binding its army and people who are full of life and faith in the homeland despite all the suffering and pressures they are faced with.

The President highlighted the important role of the pan-Arab parties and Arab unions and popular organizations in bolstering the Arab people's awareness of the schemes aimed at fragmenting the region through pushing it towards absurd conflicts with the primary beneficiary is the Zionist enemy.

For their part, the Mauritanian delegation members, who have been on a visit to Syria for few days, pointed out that Syria has always been and is still paying the price of its leading pan-Arab role and its support for the resistance in thought and action in the face of the projects targeting the Arab nation.

They added that what is being plotted Syria today targets the identity of the entire Arab peoples.

The Mauritanian figures voiced their full solidarity with the Syrian people, army and leadership, expressing their confidence that Syria will come out of the crisis stronger and more unified after it will have given the whole world lessons in steadfastness and sacrifice.

H. Said

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