Thursday, June 13, 2013

Not only is McCain not arrested for collaborating with al Nusra terrorists but US allows it's companies to do business with black listed terrorist group

Dear USA, 

These are Treasonous acts against US Constitution and US Law! Rise and Resist, don't you see the rest of world fighting for their lives ???

Washington eases economic sanctions on 'Syrian opposition'

Capitals, (SANA)_Weeks after Paris and London lifted an arms embargo on sending weapons to the armed terrorist groups in Syria, Washington decided to lift an economic blockade, giving permission to its companies to strike deals with the groups, which signals a dramatic change in the approach of anti-Syria powers that ban dealing with states and institutions and allow it with outlawed groups.

As it bans the medicine, communication and other exports, Washington declared on Wednesday easing economic sanctions on Syria, but restricted it to the areas in which there are armed groups.

AFP quoted a senior US official as saying that the US measures allow the exportation of a wide range of equipment to the areas in which armed groups are active.

According to analysts, Washington was galvanized into adopting the measure as it was shocked by the steadfastness of the Syrian state, so it found itself obliged to save its mercenaries who were ostracized by the Syrian people as ''traitors.''

It is clear that Washington sought to pillage the Syrian resources taking advantage of its ties with gunmen as the new US measures include giving licenses for oil transactions, including facilitating the exportation of Syrian oil by these groups. 

Observers believe that such US steps complete the roles of the US allies who now realize that the armed terrorist groups are on the verge of total collapse following a string of astounding achievements by the Syrian Arab army on the ground.

The Western statements reflect the predicament of the countries supporting terrorists, as US secretary of state John Kerry said in a joint press conference with his UK counterpart William Hague in Washington yesterday that ''The US is considering what to do to help the Syrian opposition.'' 

In turn, Hague said that ''UK believes that the situation on the ground necessitates a powerful and coordinated approach by us and our allies regarding the situation in Syria.''

M. Ismael 

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  1. you people are murdering sobs plain and simple, and your media is complicit in your crimes