Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Erdogan got jokes


Showing Hypocrisy and Contradiction, Erdogan Accuses Protestors with Destabilizing Turkey
Jun 04, 2013

RABAT, (SANA)- Tens of thousands of Turkish flocked into streets in Istanbul, Ankara and other cities for the 5th successive day demanding Erdogan to resign, while the security forces used the tear gas to disperse them.

Describing the demonstrators against his autocracy as 'saboteurs', Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan contradicted himself and showed hypocrisy and double standard as he considered the demonstrations as an internal and external conspiracy.

In a joint press conference with his Moroccan counterpart Abdullah bin Kiran, Erdogan said that he continues supporting what he has called " the popular movement in Syria" when the reality on the ground proves that there are armed terrorist takfiri groups in Syria backed and financed by his government, the Western and Gulf countries.


Erdogan repeated his allegations on the suppression and killing in Syria to evade his direct responsibilities of supporting terrorism in it which makes him a forthright partner in the crime of killing the Syrians. 

Erdogan keeps on claiming that he urges all sides to be moderate, find a solution to the crisis and to utilize the international conference scheduled to be held on Syria.


Erdogan alleged that security was restored in Turkey, noting that "it will return to normal within a few days. "

Erdogan claimed that the situation in Syria continues to be worst, considering that the armed terrorist groups which are supported by his government retreated on the ground due to the continued strikes of the Syrian army.


Mass popular demonstrations broke out peacefully in protest against Erdogan's authoritarian and exclusionary government , as the Turkish security forces suppressed them violently and fired tear gas against the demonstrators, killing a number of them, injuring hundreds and arresting thousands others. 


One Killed in Anti-Government Protests in Turkey 
A 22-year-old man died in a hospital after being shot during anti-government protests in southern Turkey, the NTV television reported Tuesday. 

"Abdullah Comert was seriously wounded after gunfire from an unidentified person," the TV said. Turkish Doctors' Union said this is the second death after a car slammed into a crowd in Istanbul and hit a person on Sunday. 

The Turkish police fired rubber bullets last night on demonstrators in Kavachledary district in Ankara as dozens of tear gas canisters were fired to disperse protestors in Gumusoyo district on the European bank of Istanbul. 

Public Workers Unions Confederation (KESK) is due to begin a two-day "warning strike" on Tuesday to protest at the police crackdown on peaceful protests. 

The unrest, which began on Friday after police cracked down on a demonstration in Istanbul, quickly blew up into anti-government protests across the country.

Policemen Attacked Sol Newspaper Office Because of Objective Coverage of Anti-Government Protests 

 Editor-in-chief of Turkish Sol newspaper, Can Soyer, said that Turkish policemen stormed into the newspaper office and tampered with its contents because of the coverage of the protests taking place in Turkey against the Justice and Development Government led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan. 

In a statement to the Syrian TV on Monday, Soyer said that the Turkish mass media, including newspapers and television channels, which broadcast the truth to the people and oppose the policy of the Justice and Development Party are exposed to attacks and harassment by the policemen to foil them and inflict damage upon them. 

Workers and journalists in these mass media also are exposed to direct insults. 

Soyer said : " We will continue to convey the truth in Turkey since we have principle, we are working in the press not for money but to convey the facts," 

He stressed that Turkey has been suffering censorship on the mass media, which has increased recently with the increasing government's pressures. 

Hundreds Demonstrate in New York in Solidarity with Protesters in Turkey 
About one hundred people demonstrated in front of the Turkish Consulate in New York chanting " We Want Freedom " and demanding Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to resign. 

The demonstrators expressed their solidarity with the protesters in Turkey. 

They raised photos of Erdogan accompanied by Nazi symbols, Turkish flags and banners calling " Stop the Police Brutality" 

Thousands of people returned again to Taksim Square in Istanbul, while the policemen intervened to disperse a demonstration in the vicinity of Erdogan's offices in the city.
In Ankara, the policemen also intervened violently to dismiss hundreds of people, mostly students, in Kizilay Square. 

Turkish Interior Minister indicated to the arrest of 1700 people in more than 67 cities across the country. 

The fiercest anti-government demonstrations continue for the fourth day in Turkey amid accusation of the Turkish government of drifting toward authoritarianism and the desire to Islamize the country .

H. Zain/ Ghossoun 

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