Saturday, May 25, 2013

Source: MI5 Tried to Recruit London Attack Suspect

TEHRAN (FNA)- UK security service MI5 tried to recruit London attack suspect Michael Adebolajo about six months ago, the suspect's friend said.

The friend, Abu Nusaybah, told the BBC that Adebolajo, who was arrested in connection with the brutal murder of an army serviceman in Southeast London, had been approached by MI5 men who asked him whether he knew certain individuals.

After receiving a negative answer, the MI5 agents invited him to work for them.

Abu Nusaybah was arrested shortly after giving the interview on charges of being involved in terrorist activity.

The deadly attack on the army serviceman occurred on Wednesday. According to investigators, it was carried out by two gunmen.

In his Newsnight interview, Abu Nusaybah said he thought "a change" had taken place in his friend after his detention by security forces on a trip to Kenya last year.

Abu Nusaybah said Adebolajo suggested he had been physically and sexually abused during an interrogation in a prison cell in the African country.

After this, he became withdrawn "and less talkative - he wasn't his bubbly self", Abu Nusaybah added.

He said Adebolajo also told him that, upon his return, he was "followed up by MI5" who were "knocking on his door".

He was "basically being harassed", Abu Nusaybah said.

He added, "His wording was, they are bugging me - they won't leave me alone."

"He was explicit in that he refused to work for them but he did confirm he didn't know the individuals."

Adebolajo, 28, originally from Romford, East London, and fellow suspect Michael Adebowale, 22, of Greenwich, Southeast London, had been known to MI5 for eight years, Whitehall sources told the BBC on Thursday.

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