Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lavrov : List of Participants in Geneva-2 Should Be Expanded

PARIS, SANA_ Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, stressed that the list of the participants in Geneva new conference should be expanded to include all key regional players besides those who attended the Geneva One conference last June. 

"The Geneva One participants, I think, have been accepted as invitees. And we believe that this circle could be expanded to include all key outside players who have influence on the situation on the ground," Lavrov said after his meeting with his US counterpart, John Kerry, in Paris on Monday. 

Lavrov pointed out that dates for implementing the conference resolutions shouldn't be set. 

" Both of us, Russia and the United States, have a common understanding that artificial dates to attain certain results shouldn't be set as outside players shouldn't replace the Syrian parties," Lavrov said. 

He added " The Syrian parties have to negotiate regarding the future of their country and the mechanism of carrying out the Geneva Statement which requires forming an executive authority on the basis of consensus of the government and the opposition for preparing reforms which would be accepted by all the Syrians. 

“The Syrian opposition, according to John Kerry, is still working on the format of its delegation, and it will take time before we clearly understand their position and approach,” Lavrov said. 

The Russian Minister hoped that the Syrian opposition will take a constructive approach toward the upcoming international conference. 

“I hope that this approach would be constructive because we share the opinion that this conference must be held without any preconditions,” he said, adding that the Syrian government has agreed "in principle" to send delegates to Geneva. 

In turn, Kerry pointed out that Russia and the United States call on the Syrians to decide the future of their country by themselves, clarifying that Moscow and Washington are seeking to implement the Geneva statement and forming transitional government. 

He pointed out that the two sides expressed their concern over the possible use of chemical weapons in Syria. 

This is the sixth meeting between Lavrov and Kerry since the beginning of the year. Their previous meetings in Berlin, London, Brussels, Moscow and in Kiruna focused on the need to find a political solution to the crisis in Syria. 

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