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Al-Hamwi: Draft Resolution on Syria Submitted to UNHRC Non-Objective

GENEVA, (SANA) Syria's Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva, Dr. Faisal al-Hamwi, said that whenever the countries supporting terrorism in Syria sense that their mercenaries are suffering military defeats, they rush to hold impotent sessions on the situation in Syria.

Addressing the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) during an emergency session on the situation in Syria held on Wednesday, al-Hamwi said that it's a disgrace that the two countries sponsoring this session are Qatar and Turkey who are primary accomplices in the murder of Syrians and shedding their blood. 

He said that regrettably, the baseless allegations made by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in May 10th encouraged Qatar and Turkey to further infringe upon the role and reputation of the UNHRC, stressing that such irresponsible behavior on the part of the High Commissioner's office will undermine the credibility of the organization.

"If the High Commissioner's office isn't qualified to give documented data, then it's better for it to remain silent," al-Hamwi said.

He also indicated to a recent article published by a major European newspaper a week ago, which said that up until today, Qatar spent USD 3 billion on the war on Syria, noting that Qatar spent billions to bring Takfiri mercenaries from over 40 countries to Turkey where they were trained under Turkish-Israeli supervision before being sent to Syria to wreak havoc.

Al-Hamwi said the draft resolution proposed by Qatar and Turkey is non-objective and biased due to it having political motives, and that its phrasing is malicious, unconstructive, distant from transparency, and has absolutely nothing to do with reality.

He asserted that no massacres took place in the town of al-Qseir, and that the tears shed by the resolution's sponsors over Syrians are pure hypocrisy and a cheap ploy to exploit them, pointing out to the suffering of the people of al-Qseir at the hands of Takfiri groups who launched missiles and shells at citizens in Lebanon, all in a desperate bid to involve Lebanon in the Syrian crisis.

Al-Hamwi said that out of commitment to carrying out its duty of protecting its people and in order to end this anomalous state on the borders with Lebanon, Syria allowed civilians to leave al-Qseir under protection of the Armed Forces and gave the gunmen there a chance to surrender their arms and leave, but some of them remained determined to stay as per order received from Qatar and Turkey, and these gunmen are using civilians as human shields.

He said that delegations have grown weary of these pointless and impotent charades which waste the Council's time with their cheap and non-objective way of dealing with the situation in Syria which is content to direct condemnation and hatred without any objective substance, noting that this aims to provide political and moral support for terrorists and encourage them to escalate violence and murder.

"Syria, which is fighting terrorism and protecting its people, will continue at the same time its cooperation with honest efforts to end the crisis politically… it will now acknowledge this resolution because it is irresponsible, immoral, and contains a tremendous amount of lies and slander," al-Hamwi concluded.

Al-Hamwi: We Denounce Pillay's Bias towards Events in Syria

Earlier, al-Hamwi and Syria's delegation to the UNHRC expressed deep denunciation and regret over the obvious partiality with which the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pilay deals with the events in Syria. 

"My country's delegation inspected the Commissioner's report and wants to express their deep denunciation and regret at the obvious bias which Pillay practices in her dealing with the events in Syria," al-Hamwi said in response to Pillay's report before the UNHRC. 

He denounced the fact that the UN High Commissioner "places blame on the Syrian government while closing her eyes to the widespread human rights violations committed by al-Qaeda and al-Nusra groups and other takfiris." 

Al-Hamwi added that Pillay has "ignored the Syrian state's right to protecting its people and presented an unprecedented exaggeration of the situation in the city of al-Qseir that amounted to pure imagination as she predicted that massacres were going to happen twenty days before the events started." 

"This is understood as an irresponsible and unacceptable instigation for more violence," he stressed. 

The Syrian Representative lashed out at the "style of exaggeration that has nothing to do with reality" to which Pillay returned when she talked in her current report about the death of "hundreds of innocent civilians in al-Qseir". 

"Syria challenges the Office of the Commissioner and her team which she sent to some of the region's states, the eyewitnesses whom they listened to and the American agency which she hired, and all of those that convinced her of those lies-I challenge them all- to provide one single evidence on these allegations," said al-Hamwi. 

He clarified that those hid information from the Commissioner that the Syrian government actually allowed the civilians to leave al-Qseir city under its protection and that it gave the gunmen a chance to hand over their weapons to be able to leave the city unharmed and have their situation settled. 

He added that "some of the gunmen however insisted on continuing to fight keeping thousands of civilians as human shields in a flagrant disdain of a human's right to live." 

Al-Hamwi slammed Pillay's "continued attempt to deny the Syrian state's right to protecting its people in the face of the terrorism of thousands of mercenary takfiris who came from more than 40 states provided facilitations from Qatar and Turkey." 

He stressed that these practices along with the Commissioner's refraining from condemning Qatar and Turkey constitute "a serious and worrying precedent regarding the work of the UN and the Commissioner's Office…which harms the credibility of the human rights system at the international organization and in the world." 

Al-Hamwi affirmed that Pillay's continued demand that Syria's file be referred to the International Criminal Court "is a choice that is beyond her mandate," especially that the Commissioner knows very well that the Syrian efforts in the context of investigating all the crimes are ongoing. 

He underscored Syria's cooperation with the Commissioner and her Office over the past two years "despite the intentional neglect with which the Office met all what Syria has presented of credible information and documents." 

Al-Hamwi concluded as saying that "Therefore, we and many delegations have reached a conviction that the Commissioner and her Office are determined to follow this biased and unprofessional approach and there is no hope the office may change this irresponsible style of it."

Russia's Representatives to UN Office in Geneva: Human Rights Council Discussions on Syria Hamper Efforts for International Conference on Syria 

Russia's Permanent Representative to UN Office in Geneva, Alexey Borodavkin, stressed on Wednesday that the emergency meeting of the UN Human Rights Council to discuss the situation in al-Quseir city in Homs countryside is aimed at hampering the efforts exerted to hold the international conference on Syria (Geneva 2).

Russia Today website reported Borodavkin as saying during the meeting "Emergency discussions which were called for by the US, Turkey and Qatar and the proposed draft resolution are counterproductive and they may complicate the initiation of a peaceful process in Syria."

H. Said / H. Sabbagh / F.Allafi

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