Wednesday, May 22, 2013

76 foreign officers including the United States and Britain apprehended in several tunnels ~ Syria

URGENT- 76 foreign officers including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanese Forces, the Mustaqbal Movement, Turkey, France, the United States and Britain apprehended in several tunnels


Syrian Army officers, fumigators and MI agents have now taken control of several command-and-control centers in the central zone of the city. What they found was unbelievable. Besides reams of incriminating documents conclusively demonstrating the connivance of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanese Forces, the Mustaqbal Movement, Turkey, France, the United States and Britain, 76 foreign officers were apprehended in several tunnels as they cowered like frightened moles awaiting the inevitable claws of the vengeful wolf. The nationalities told the whole story. SyrPer has confirmed that the Al-Manaar report, published today in Lebanon is accurate but not exhaustive. Wael has received information that French intelligence officers who spoke North African Arabic; “Israeli” agents (“katsas”), operatives from Sameer Ja’ja’s Lebanese Forces who were trained in the Zionist Entity and who spoke Modern European Settler Hebrew, Turkish agents working for the MIT, spies and gun-smugglers who were paid by Sa’ad Hariri, were all CAPTURED ALIVE. In addition to this, our readers will be delighted to know that several agents from Saudi Arabia and Qatar were also found and are warbling as we write. 

Wael can only speculate as to why these agents were found. But SyrPer believes that the “concept” which explained the rat belief in the Syrian Army’s planned delay of the invasion of Al-Qusayr must have played a role. Again, we must also remember that the SAA closed off entry and exit routes in and out of Lebanon. It may be that these foreign terrorists and spies were simply unable to get out.

Found among the foreign agents and terrorists were “very advanced satellite communication devices with ultra- sophisticated encoding mechanisms”; SAA sappers found stores of C-4 explosives; millions of Saudi and Qatari riyaals, and American dollars.

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