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Syrian Army Military Ops 23 April 2013 ~ Army Restores Security, Terrorists Groups continue to help Syrian Army out by killing each other with Infighting

PROVINCES, (SANA)- The army units on Tuesday carried out special operations targeting terrorists' gatherings in Homs and restored security to a number of villages and farms to the west of the Orontes River in the countryside of al-Qseir. 

SANA reporter quoted a military source as saying that tens of explosive devices planted by terrorists on the main roads of villages of al-Qseir were dismantled. 

Armed Forces units pursued terrorists in the villaged of Kammam, al-Saloumiye, al-Shomariye and al-Rahmuniye in the northern countryside of al-Qseir, injuring and killing a number of terrorists and destroying their equipment.

Other units targeted terrorist gatherings in the western farms and near al-Ghajar turnpike in al-Rastan area, in Talbiseh, and west of al-Dhiyabiya checkpoint in al-Qseir, injuring and killing a number of terrorists.

In the city of Homs, an army unit found equipment that are used in making missiles and explosive devices inside a terrorists' den to the north of the Evangelist Center for Elderly People, according to the source. 

The source added that the army units also destroyed a tunnel used by terrorists for storing weapons and ammunition in al-Wawiyat neighborhood, in addition to destroying several gatherings for terrorists in Bab Houd neighborhood. 

Terrorists Trying to Cross Border from Lebanon Repelled 

Meanwhile, a unit of the armed forces in cooperation with the border guards inflicted heavy losses upon an armed terrorist group which tried to infiltrate from Lebanon into Syria across al-Dalieh site towards Halat town in Talkalakh countryside in Homs. 

SANA reporter quoted a source in the province as saying that terrorists' infiltration attempt from Lebanon to Syria coincided with shooting fire from the Lebanese side towards the border checkpoints on the Syrian side. 

The source added that the armed forces confronted terrorists' infiltration attempt , killing and injuring a number of them, while the rest fled into Lebanon.

Army Establishes Full Control of Al-Utaiba Town in Damascus Countryside

Armed Forces units established full control of the town of al-Utaiba in the Eastern Ghouta region of Damascus Countryside after eliminating all terrorist hideouts and gatherings in the town.

An official source told SANA's correspondent that Army units concluded their operations in al-Utaiba, restoring security and stability to the town which had been used as a base for arming terrorists coming from outside Syria. 
Terrorists Killed in Damascus Countryside
Units of the Armed Forces killed and injured several terrorists in al-Aeib farms, Karm al-Rasas, Zamlka and Ein Tarma in the eastern Gouta, inflicting heavy losses  upon terrorists.
An official source told SANA that the Army units killed a number of terrorists, including Muhammad al-Jezza from Morocco  and Wasem Tafur, in addition to destroying weapons and ammunition inside a terrorists' den in al-Aeib farms in Douma area.
The source added that an Army unit destroyed a terrorists' den  along with terrorists inside it in Karm al-Rasas to the east of Harasta city, among the dead terrorists were Omar al-Hasoua and al-Yaser  Mdouar.
The source pointed out that an Army unit killed and injured all members of an armed terrorist group who were perpetrating acts of terrorism in Harasta city, in addition to destroying a terrorists' den at Hyrmala bridge between Jobar and Zamalka.
Another Army unit pursued an armed terrorist group who were perpetrating acts of terrorism against the citizens in Ein Tarma, inflicting heavy losses upon them.
Meanwhile, other Army unit carried out operations against terrorists in Hejjera town, killing scores of terrorists. Among the dead terrorists were Obida Shhab and Bilal Moustafa.
In the same context,  an engineering unit dismantled an explosive device weighing 30Kg in  Darraya.
Another Army unit killed 5 terrorists to the South of al-Saida Sakina shrine.
Terrorists Targeted in Several Areas in Idleb Countryside
Units of the armed forces eliminated numbers of terrorists in a series of special operations in the countryside of Idleb.
A military source told SANA reporter that the army units destroyed dens and gatherings for terrorists affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra with the weapons and ammunition inside. 

The terrorists' gatherings were targeted in the areas on al-Janoudiyeh, Ein al-Souda, Maartamsarin, Deir Sunbul, Manaret al-Haskeh, Taftanaz, Maaret al-Numan, al-Nhila, al-Nairab, and Abo al-Duhour. 

Armed Forces units targeted terrorist gatherings in al-Arbayin mountain, Kafr Tkharim and Tal Abu Salmo, killing and injuring a number of terrorists and destroying their equipment.

In al-Bashiriye area in Jisr al-Shughour, an Armed Forces unit targeted a terrorist gathering, injuring a number of terrorists and killing others including the group's leader Taha Jamil al-Rashwani.

Army Eliminates Saudi Terrorists in Lattakia
The army destroyed several terrorists' hideouts and gatherings and eliminated scores of terrorists affiliated to the terrorist organization of Jabhat al-Nusra in the towns of al-Mreij and al-Kart in Lattakia countryside. 

A military source said that among the killed terrorists were Khaled al-Oufi, Ammar al-Shuhri and Abdul-Rahman al-Dakheel, all of them of Saudi nationality, along with terrorists Talal al-Abbadi, Thaer al-Jankal and Aziz al-Abboud. 

The source said that terrorist Ibrahim al-Oseiri of the Saudi nationality, who is specialized in making and planting explosive devices, was injured in the operation.

Army Units Eliminate Terrorists in Aleppo and its Countryside
Units of the Armed Forces carried out operations against terrorists' dens and gatherings in Aleppo and its countryside, killing and injuring a large number of  terrorists,  in addition to destroying their equipment.
An official source in the province told SANA that the operations targeted terrorists' gatherings in Ming, al-Alqamia, Azaz and Mayer, destroying a terrorists' warehouse.
In Aleppo city, a unit of the Armed Forces killed a number of terrorists, including 3 Afghans  and 4 Chechens terrorists.
Meanwhile, other Army units carried out special operations in al-Khalidia, destroying a car equipped with cannon, in addition to targeting a terrorists' den  in al-Sheikh Said.
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Terrorists Killed while Rigging Car Bomb, Others in Fights between Groups, Suicide Bomber Thwarted

PROVINCES, (SANA)- Scores of terrorists on Tuesday were killed and injured in a clash which erupted between two terrorist groups following dispute over stolen items in Deir Maqrin town in Wadi Barada in Damascus Countryside. 

An official source told SANA that most of the terrorists were killed or injured in the fight, adding that terrorists Ahmad Khalil and Ali Salem were identified among the dead. 

Authorities Prevent Suicide Terrorist from Detonating Explosive Belt in Dummar al-Balad Area

The authorities foiled a terrorist suicide bomber's attempt to detonate an explsove belt he was wearing in Dummar al-Balad area in Damascus.

An official source told SANA's correspondent that with the help of locals, the authorities tracked down terrorist Hamdo Khdeir who was wearing an explosive belt and managed to eliminate him before he could detonate it in al-Mashra'a neighborhood in Dummar al-Balad, ending the threat without any injuries among citizens.

Terrorists Killed in Fight for Heading "Legal Commission" in Raqqa

In the same context, a clash broke out between two terrorist groups in Raqqa following dispute over the right to head the so-called "Legal Commission" in the city. 

An official source told SANA that mortar shells were used in the clash, adding that the fight was between the so-called 'Huzayfa Bin al-Yaman' and 'Ahrar al-Sham' terrorist groups.

Terrorists Killed While Rigging Car with Explosives East of Homs

Meanwhile, a car exploded while an armed terrorist group was rigging it with explosives on Monday in Khatmlo village affiliated to Jeb al-Jarah area, east of Homs. 

SANA reporter quoted a source in the province as saying that the explosion resulted in the killing and injuring of all the members of the terrorist group.

Several Citizens Wounded Due to Mortar Shells Fired by Terrorists in Damascus Countryside

Several citizens were wounded due to mortar shells fired by terrorists on the residential buildings in Harasta suburb.

An official source at Police Command told SANA reporter that 3 mortar shells fired by terrorists fell on the residential buildings in Harasta suburb, causing the injuring of 4 citizens.

Terrorists targeted yesterday Ush al-Warwar neighborhood and a school in Masakin Barza with mortar shells, causing the martyrdom of two citizens and injuring 8 others, including 5 children.

Competent Authorities Foil Terrorist Attempt to Blow himself up by Explosive Belt

Competent authorities foiled a terrorists' attempt to blow himself up by an explosive belt in a residential neighborhood  in Doumar al-Balad area in Damascus.

An official source told SANA that the competent authorities with the help of the families  tracked terrorist Hmido Khdeir who was wearing an explosive belt and killed him before he had exploded himself in Doumar al-Balad without casualties among the citizens.

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