Friday, April 26, 2013

Pushkov Warns of US Accusations of Chemical Weapons Use in Syria MOSCOW, (SANA)- Chairman of the Russian Duma's International Affairs Committee, Alexei Pushkov, warned of the US intentions behind making accusations against the Syrian government of using chemical weapons. 

In a statement posted on Twitter, Pushkov said such accusations could be used as a pretext to start a war against Syria similar to what happened in Iraq. 

"The US is starting a new attack against Syria by accusing it of using chemical weapons, which is the same way Push used in Iraq accusing it of possessing nuclear weapons as an excuse for war," added Pushkov. 

\US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel earlier claimed, according to what he said a belief by the US Intelligence, that the Syrian army has used chemical weapons "on a small scale". 

In a contradictory statement, the US State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell said the White House was still seeking an accurate investigation into the use of chemical weapons in Syria which can be either confirmed or dismissed simply through UN inspectors. 

H. Said

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