Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Popular Front for Change and Liberation: Peaceful Solution Trend Will Triumph

MOSCOW, (SANA)- Qadri Jamil, head of the delegation of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation currently visiting Russia, on Tuesday stressed that the trend aimed to solve the crisis in Syria peacefully through national dialogue is a broad and overwhelming trend which will inevitably triumph. 

Speaking at a press conference following a meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow, Jamil said the meeting with Lavrov was very important in which the prospects of solving the crisis in Syria were discussed. 

"We concluded that the crisis has reached a very important turning point that demands moving immediately towards opening the dialogue table to find the suitable solutions," he added. 

"We agreed that there should be a real, balanced and just representation of all parties of the Syrian opposition in the upcoming dialogue," Jamil pointed out. 

He said the European stance on the terrorist extremists has become ridiculous as they allow those extremists to go and fight in Syria while preventing them from coming back to the European countries from which they headed to Syria. 

Jamil stressed that if the West does not respond to the call for halting the flow of gunmen, arms and funding to Syria, there could not be talk about finding an international consensus on a peaceful solution. 

He clarified that there is a three-stage government program for the peaceful solution in Syria that ensures an exit from the crisis, stressing that "the opposition abroad should act positively to make the political solution a success." 

"The Syrians are able through their unity to ward off foreign interference and prevent the gunmen from targeting Syria and its historical role in the region," said Jamil, calling upon the opposition abroad "to put forth something tangible and not go back to square one of aborting any initiative seeking a solution." 

He noted that the ministerial committee in charge with following up on implementing the political program to solve the crisis is making contacts with all the parties so as to achieve national reconciliation. 

Ali Haidar, member of the delegation, in turn said the Syrian people are able to emerge from the crisis with all their rightful demands being met through dialogue. 

He added that the majority in Syria are convinced that everybody will end up losing if the conflict continues, stressing that therefore the national dialogue is the safe exit from the crisis. 

Haidar pointed out that "the issues related to the political system in Syria can be discussed at the dialogue table among the Syrians and cannot be imposed as preconditions neither by the Syrians at home or abroad nor by the super power countries that are interfering in the structure and mechanisms of change." 

Haidar hailed the Russian stance at the G8 meeting as it had a main and sensitive role in coming out with a moderate, objective and reasonable statement to solve the crisis in Syria based on the political solution and the Geneva statement. 

The official spokesman of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation , Adel Nei'seh, in turn said the current stage is marked with the national dialogue being in progress towards finding a Syrian solution. 

He stressed that no party has the right to specify those form the other party to hold dialogue with it, as it only can specify those to represent it at the dialogue table. 

Russian Foreign Ministry: Lavrov and Jamil Discussed Situation in Syria in Detail

The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying the situation in Syria was discussed in detail during the meeting between Lavrov and the Popular Front for Change and Liberation delegation.

The statement said that both sides stressed the need to put an end to violence and relieve the suffering of the Syrian people on the basis of the Geneva statement, with Jamil affirming that Syrian authorities and his party are prepared to make urgent steps to end violence and move towards political settlement.

According to the statement, Lavrov voiced firm support for peaceful initiatives for ending the crisis in Syria through inter-Syrian dialogue without any foreign interference, with both sides rejecting reliance on a military solution, in addition to expressing determination to continuing Russian-Syrian cooperation in all fields.

The Syrian said lauded Russia's principled position regarding the crisis in Syria and voiced thanks for the humanitarian aid provided by Russia.

H. Said / H. Sabbagh

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