Thursday, April 18, 2013

People's Assembly: Syrians will not Squander Glorious Heritage of Rejecting Aggression

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – The People's Assembly affirmed that the Syrian people will not squander its history which was written by their ancestors and consecrated by the state following Syria's independence, stressing that Syrians will not abandon their heritage of rejecting aggression and colonialism.

In a statement issued on Wednesday on occasion of Evacuation Day, Syria's national day, the Assembly said that Evacuation Day now comes at a time when Syria is witnessing a vicious war waged by colonialist countries know for their hostile history and carried out by their tools in the region and thousands of mercenaries, extremists, terrorists and some Syrians who failed to remember their ancestors' struggle against colonialists.

The Assembly said that French and British colonialists, who came to Syria under the name of "mandate" and slogans of civilization, were a symbol of desecration, destruction, sedition and fragmentation who sought to distort the Syrian society.

The statement pointed out that today, some groups who claim to be opposition groups are nestled in the lap of the colonialist west, begging it to invade their country or carry out a military intervention to undermine state, fragment the country and undo all that Syrians achieved since independence.

The Assembly said that the colonialists of old are rearing their heads again under the slogans of spreading democracy and defending human rights, assisted by statelets and emirates that no nothing of democracy, adding that on this anniversary of independence, some fly the flag of the French mandate instead of Syria's flag and ask the NATO to intervene against the Syrian people.

The statement called on the Syrians to live up to the examples set by the heroes of independence like Yousef al-Azmeh, Saleh al-Ali, Ibrahim Hanano, Mohammad al-Ashmar, Ahmad Maryoud and Sultan Basha al-Atrash, and stand united in the face of Syria's enemies.

The Assembly saluted the martyrs of independence and the martyrs who fell in defense of the country's independence and unity against the forces of terrorism, extremism and darkness.

H. Sabbagh

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