Thursday, April 25, 2013

Oil Minister: We Will Take All Measures to Protect Oil Resources

DAMASCUS, (SANA)- Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources, Suleiman al-Abbas, stressed that the Ministry will practice its natural right to taking all necessary measures to protect the oil resources in the country against attempts of piracy and looting. 

The Minister was speaking during a meeting with directors and heads of boards of oil establishments and companies. 

He clarified that the Ministry will vigorously and seriously keep watch of the oil fields and wells and quickly inform of every transgression case for immediate handling in coordination with the other parties and ministries concerned. 

Talks during the meeting focused on the necessary measures to be taken to protect the oil and mineral resources sector against the acts of looting and theft by the armed terrorist groups in the aftermath of the EU decision to buy the Syrian oil from what they called the "Armed Opposition". 

Al-Abbas stressed the need to correspond with partners in the foreign companies working in Syria "to pressure their governments to prevent the implementation of the illegitimate decision that contradicts with the rules of the international law and the UN Charter." 

He said the EU decision constitutes "a flagrant violation of all the international conventions on respecting the states' sovereignty and a participation in stealing resources that belong to the Syrian people." 

H. Said

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