Saturday, April 20, 2013

Official Source: 5.000 Refugees Return to Homeland, Jordanian Authorities Seize Their IDs

DARAA, (SANA) – An official source said that 5 thousand Syrians have returned from al-Za'tari refugees camp in Jordan to Syria, adding that about 55 thousands have returned to their homeland in the last few months. 

SANA reporter quoted the source as saying on Saturday that most of the persons who returned to Syria came through illegal border crossings as the Jordanian authorities seized their IDs, stressing that the Syrian authorities will issue new IDs to them as soon as possible. 

A number of the persons who left the camp said that the Jordanian authorities are trying to prevent them from returning to their country as Jordan is confiscating about 70% of the humanitarian aid provided to the them. 

They said that the Jordanian police is forcing every person to pay USD 200 if he decided to leave the camp

Earlier, the Jordanian police fired tear gases on the Syrian refugees in al-Za'tari camp, causing the injury of five persons. The Jordanian "Khabirni" website said that the Police used force to prevent a Syrian family from leaving the camp. 

M. Nassr
Jordanian Security Prevents Syrian Family from Leaving al-Zaatari Camp, Uses Tear Gas
AMMAN, (SANA) – Lebanese security forces fired tear gas on displaced Syrians in al-Zaatari camp in northeast Jordan, causing a number of injuries.

The Jordanian website Khaberni reported that security forces prevented a Syrian family from leaving the camp, leading to an altercation which developed in a large riot and violence in which the displaced people threw rocks at security forces who answered with tear gas.

The incident resulted in five displaced people losing consciousness due to inhalation of tear gas, while ten security personnel were injured and a number of Syrians were detained.

H. Sabbagh

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