Friday, April 19, 2013

Lukashevich: US Plans to Send 200 Soldiers to Jordan Are Incompatible with Geneva Statement Commitments

MOSCOW, (SANA)- Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Alexander Lukashevich, said the US plans to send 200 soldiers to Jordan in relation to the crisis in Syria contradicts the political commitments in Geneva Statement. 

"These measures are incompatible with the political commitments and the stances which were agreed upon by all the main foreign parties active in settling the crisis in Syria in Geneva last year," Lukashevich told the reporters in Moscow on Friday. 

He said Russia calls upon all its Western and regional partners "to drop these dangerous practices and move towards meeting those political commitments adopted by all of us with regard to finding a solution to the crisis." 

The Russian spokesman expressed Moscow's rejection of solving the humanitarian issue in Syria through 'humanitarian corridors' and 'buffer zones' by overstepping the Syrian government. 

He stressed that a solid cooperation has been built between the international humanitarian agencies and the Syrian government and "it is not acceptable to undermine it by pushing forward the idea of opening some humanitarian corridors or buffer zones by overstepping the Syrian government." 

Lukashevich pointed out that his country plans to allocate USD 3 million in humanitarian aid for Syria during 2013, noting that the aid which Russia offered Syria in 2012 reached USD 7 million. 

The Russian diplomat expressed concerns over reports that increasingly growing numbers of citizens from foreign countries are fighting alongside the terrorist groups on Syria's land. 

"It's clear that those extremists who are now fighting their first battles in Syria could appear with their full skills in other countries," said Lukashevich. 

note from me ~ hopefully they return to their creator countries and share the love, idioti

H. Said

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