Thursday, April 25, 2013

Information Minister: The Syrian Opposition Has No Political Power MOSCOW, (SANA)- Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi, said that the EU decision allowing importing stolen oil from the "armed opposition" in Syria is a violation of the UN Charter and the international law rules. 

In an interview with Russia Today channel, al-Zoubi affirmed that the Syria state is present throughout Syria from Daraa in the south to the Syrian-Turkish border in the north and not necessarily in the form of military forces, a mayor or a local council, and is running affairs in various ways.

He added that even in the areas where the armed terrorist groups operate, the state is performing its duties and citizens are receiving wages and all forms of food supplies and other services. 

The Minister said the Syrian opposition has no political power as it is disunited and lacking in political projects, plans and programs needed by the citizens. 

He stressed that the concept of the armed opposition does not exist, saying there is an opposition and there are armed terrorist groups, which are two different things. 

Al-Zoubi clarified that the opposition is a peaceful and political concept, whereas the armed terrorist groups are a security and military concept, referring to the acts of aggression committed by the terrorist groups in Syria against military posts and residential areas. 

Asked on the Israeli newspapers' claims that the Syrian government have used chemical weapons during battles with the "armed opposition", al-Zoubi said the Israeli newspapers are not reliable references of credibility, stressing that the Syrian government and the armed forces did not and will not use any chemical weapons, if it has any.

He reiterated that Syria is one of the few countries in the region which do not posses weapons of mass destruction or nuclear or chemical weapons, reaffirming that it was the armed terrorist groups which used chemical weapons in Khan al-Assal area in Aleppo. 

The Information Minister noted that Syria has cooperated with the UN with regard to sending experts to investigate the incident, but the UN and its Secretary General started talking about the need to conduct a probe and search in other areas in Syria in which they claimed that the Syrian forces used chemical weapons despite the fact that no complaints were made before. 

He added that the UN wants to have an expert mission in the style of those which led to the destruction of Iraq, and now they want the armed terrorist groups to get away with their crime by neglecting the issue. 

H. Said

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