Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Free Army militia and al-Nusra Front trade in human organs in Aleppo

armed men trade in the body of the injuries.

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Media sources assure that members of Free Army militia and al-Qaeda Organization that is represented by al-Nusra Front in Aleppo trade in Human organs.

 The Lebanese Newspaper ‘al-Safer’ quotes of civilian sources as saying that “gunmen steal human organs and transport them through Turkish borders, in accordance with Mafia system work.” 

Majed, one of the residents of al-Shiekh Maqsoud, narrates an incident one of such, and says that “yes, that is what happened. One of the sons of our neighbors has been injured and armed men rushed him to the hospital, but his family has found his body after two days without viscera”. 

This is not the unique story; another one is told by Fayez to al-Safer newspaper, who has stayed in Bustan al-Qaser, the area which is under al-Nusra Front’s armed men’s control. 

“When any blast takes place, a group of the armed men rushs to the place of the blast, under the pretext of aid the wounded and remove the bodies. Some of the wounded people were returned to their parents after a period of time, I know one of those, you can say that he is my friend, he has told everyone by his story, and summarized by his discovering after a month of being injuries and rushing him to hospital, he has one kidney. 

Recently, much hearsay revealed into the open in this context, are little stories dismantling factories and sold in Turkey. Those stories that were classified for a long time under the title of «unconfirmed news” before they become a file in front of the international justice, and the Turkish government becomes among the defendants.

 News this time talks about selling the bodies of the victims for versus 10 thousand S.P of the body, and 100 thousand S.P of wounded 

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