Thursday, April 18, 2013

Families of Lebanese Abductees in Syria Continue Protests against Turkish Authorities BEIRUT, (SANA)- Families of the Lebanese who were kidnapped by the armed terrorist groups in Syria on Thursday staged sit-ins in front of the offices of the Turkish airlines company, the Anadolu news agency and the Turkish Cultural Center in Beirut. 

The Lebanese national news agency said the families stormed into the Turkish airlines company offices and prevented the Turkish staff from entering the offices, holding the Turkish authorities responsible for not releasing the 9 Lebanese who have been kidnapped for 11 months in northern Syria. 

The agency added the protesters moved to the Turkish Cultural Center and got it locked to prevent employees from entering the building. 

The families of the Lebanese abductees also staged a sit-in outside the Anadolu news agency, threatening to escalate their moves if their relatives were not released soon. 

Member of the Lebanese Abductees Committee, Adham Zugheib, said in a statement that in the coming two days tents will be set up to close the road leading to the Turkish Embassy in Beirut, as there will also be a march towards Beirut Port again to prevent the Turkish trucks to access the port.

He added that the escalation will include demand to stop Turkish flights along with other moves to close all Turkish centers, demanding a boycott of the Turkish goods. 

"We will let our voice be heard with our blood and this will be very soon," Zugheib said, urging the Lebanese MPs to give priority to the issue of the abductees. 

The abductees' families staged a sit-in outside the Turkish Embassy in Beirut two days ago and stormed into Beirut Port last Sunday where they prevented the workers from unloading the Turkish trucks. 

H. Said

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