Thursday, April 18, 2013

Citizens of Golan Determined to Struggle against Israeli Occupation

Qunaitera, (SANA)-Citizens of the occupied Syrian Golan on Wednesday affirmed their commitment to the Syrian Arab identity, showing determination to continue struggle against the flagrant acts of the Israeli occupation until independence would be achieved. 

"Recalling the independence day comes in commemoration for the values of this day… we will continue struggle and follow the path of ancestors to regain independence and dismiss the Zionists from the land of Golan," families of the Golan said in a statement on the independence anniversary. 

They saluted the souls of leaders of the Syrian Great Revolution against the French occupation, on top Sultan Basha al-Atrash and his colleagues Yousef al-Azmeh, Sheikh Saleh al-Ali and Hassan al-Kharat. 

The Syrian people of Golan reiterated their rejection of the Israeli occupation and its projects, affirming that the blood which has been shed on Syria's land at the battlefields of independence is the same one which runs in their vessels. 


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