Thursday, April 18, 2013

Austrian Foreign Ministry Wishes to Keep Unit in UNDOF Forces Operating in Golan

VIENNES, (SANA) – Austrian State Secretary for International Affairs Reinhold Lopatka said that his country wishes to keep the Austrian unit with the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) forces operating in the Golan.

In a statement issued by the Austrian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday, Lopatka said the Austrian forces in Golan will remain operating as long as they can fulfill their duties as per the international authorization they have.

Lopatka also called for providing more aid for displaced Syrians due to the effect this has on stability in Syria and neighboring countries, noting that this issue represents a significant challenge for the international community.

Meanwhile, in a statement published on his Ministry's website, Austrian Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger called on countries neighboring Syria to provide all the urgent humanitarian aid to displaced Syrians.

Spindelegger said that the Austrian government approved new humanitarian aid for displaced Syrians valued at Euro 2 million, and that this aid will be provided via the UN and Austrian humanitarian organizations.

H. Sabbagh

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