Friday, April 19, 2013

Algerians, Kyrgyzstanis Involved in Terrorism in Syria

ALGIERS/ MOSCOW, (SANA)- The authorities in Algeria arrested four persons from the formerly so-called "The Islamic Salvation Front" in Shalaf State on suspicion of involvement in work within a network with links to extremist terrorist groups in Syria. 

The network is suspected of recruiting Algerian young men to infiltrate into Syria to fight with al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra. 

The Algerian al-Shorouk newspaper quoted informed sources as saying that the Algerian authorities interrogated the four arrested persons, one of them had held a leading position in "The Islamic Salvation Front" before it was resolved, noting that two of the suspects were released, while the other two are still in custody since 8 days. 

In the same context, the Kyrgyzstani police specified names of a group of extremists from a southern town who had left the country and headed to Syria to take part in the fighting alongside the armed terrorist groups.

A Kyrgyzstani security source said the police managed to specify the names of members of the group after one of them, 36, disappeared having told his wife that he was travelling to seek religious education. 

The source added that five others were confirmed to have left the country whose age varied between 18 and 36. 

Sources mentioned that the people in charge of sending those extremists admitted that all of those who left Kyrgyzstan headed to Syria to participate in the fighting there. 

The Kyrgyzstani police denied that those who left were more than five persons. 

A source at the police said all of those are extremists and that the Interior Minsitry is making investigations to specify the extremist movements they belong to. 

For his part, Alexander Knyazev, a security expert, said the number of those sent to fight in Syria is much bigger that what they were informed of. 

H. Said

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