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Al-Zoubi: Syria is Facing a Real War of Aggression in which Media is a Main Element

MOSCOW, (SANA) - Minister of Information Omran al-Zoubi stressed that Syria is facing a real war of which media is a primary dimension.

In a press conference held in Moscow on Wednesday, al-Zoubi said the media war waged against Syria has many elements that have to do with banning the Syrian media outlets from using modern techniques in order to prevent it from conveying the reality of the events in the country.

The Minister added that there is a technical and technological siege imposed to prevent developing the broadcast of the Syrian media, indicating another dimension to the media war on Syria in terms of dozens of satellite channels and PR companies that receive huge wages to work on a conspiratorial project under the title "demonizing the Syrian state and institutions."

He indicated that the decision of banning the Syrian media outlets from broadcasting on many satellites violates the agreements signed with the companies of Nilesat, Arabsat and Hotbird, adding that Syria is finishing preparations to file a lawsuit against these companies and demand compensation for the damages caused by the banning decision, which are worth millions of dollars.

Minister al-Zoubi added that there are Arab and western countries which are trying to exploit the false image they created for Syria by using civil and humanitarian institutions and councils to incite against he country and create  international circumstances that allow perpetrating foolish acts against Syria.

On the issue of President Bashar al-Assad stepping down, al-Zoubi said that the issue was never about the person of the President, adding that the sides standing behind this idea are trying to make things personal to divert attention from the reality that the events in Syria target the state and the people.

Al-Zoubi said that the idiom of "armed opposition" is removed from the political terminology used in the whole world and contains an odd paradox, adding "How could an opposition be armed and political at the same time?"

He called for realizing the reality of the events in Syria where there is a clash between armed terrorist groups from one side and the Armed Forces supported by the majority of the Syrian people on the other side.

Minister al-Zoubi said that there are lots of evidence that prove the involvement of gunmen from different countries, in addition to the involvement of many governments and intelligence agencies in training, arming and funding these gunmen.

He pointed out to the acts of the armed terrorist groups against the national media institutions and staff, adding that terrorists have destroyed 28 hospitals and more than 1200 schools, highlighting that thousands of industrial institutions were looted and transported to Turkey.

The Information Minister expressed appreciation of the stances of the Russian people and leadership who understood well and quit early the reality of what is going on in Syria in terms of it being a target to be destroyed, and that there are overt organized powers with agendas related to economic and potential capabilities seeking to move Syria in the direction they want.

He noted that there is a mutual desire to activate the Syrian-Russian relations in the military, humanitarian and economic fields.

Al-Zoubi said the Arab League doesn't grant legitimacy to anyone as it is "a functional governmental institution which surely didn't succeed in performing its functions."

"Therefore, the era of this League is over as it has become expired, and after leaving Syria out of this institution, we can announce [the League's] death," he added.

Al-Zoubi stressed that the pan-Arab thought and action have been targeted by colonialism in the region as well as by the opponents of Arab thought inside the Arab League. 

The Information Minister pointed out that there are many foreign journalists who were injured during the war on Syria and the majority of them entered Syria illegally, affirming that the Armed Forces didn't target any journalist directly neither by arrest nor by gunfire and the Army has completely committed to this.

"We want the media to convey the truth about what is actually going on in Syria without any falsification or distortion," al-Zoubi added, stressing that the Information Ministry has given access to more than 300 media outlets from various countries "because we have nothing to hide."

The Minister stressed that there is nothing called the "Free Army," saying this so-called Free Army is not an institution but rather "a brand."

He added that the majority of those fighting on the ground are affiliates to Al Qaeda through Jabhat al-Nusra and are receiving funds from Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, stressing that Jabhat al-Nusra has an organizational structure and various arming sources from countries and governments in the region and the world.

Minister al-Zoubi said that his visit to Russia was upon an invitation from the Russian State Duma in which he said he met "many Russian friends" and academic and political sides and discussed the situation in Syria and the Syrian-Russian relations. 

He pointed out that he briefed Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Mikhail Bogdanov, during a meeting on Tuesday, on the latest political and field developments in Syria and the efforts exerted by the Syrian government and Ministerial Committee tasked with the implementation of the political program to solve the crisis in the country. 

He noted that he participated in an open work session at the State Duma with the Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications on the media wars in the modern world, with Syria being discussed as an example. 

Information Minister: Terrorism is U.S. Tool to Establish New Middle East

Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi, stressed that terrorism is the U.S. tool to establish a new middle east not only in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, but also reaching to wide areas in Russia and Yemen.

During a lecture at the Russian Institute for Orientalism in Moscow, Minister al-Zoubi pointed out that the confrontation in Syria is between the extremist terrorist organizations, on the one hand, and the sweeping majority of the Syrian people and the Syrian army on the other hand.

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