Thursday, March 28, 2013

University Students Martyred by Terrorists' Mortar Shell in Damascus

PROVINCES, (SANA)- 10 students were martyred and others were injured by a mortar shell fired by terrorists which fell inside the cafeteria of the Faculty of Architectural Engineering in Damascus on Thursday. 

SANA reporter quoted Rector of the University of Damascus, Mohammad Amer al-Mardini, as saying that 10 students were martyred and 29 others were injured by the shell, two of them are in critical condition. 

"No one, in any position in the world, can imagine there is a an act more criminal than this one," added al-Mardini, noting that "If the aim behind this criminal act was to close the University of Damascus, with its history and deep-rootedness, then we stress that it won't shut down in defiance of the enemies." 

The Rector offered condolences "to the homeland and the martyrs' families as well as the University of Damascus over this painful tragedy," wishing the injured students a speedy recovery. 

SANA reporter said the mortar shell fell on the Faculty's cafeteria directly, causing material damage to the site. 

A source at the Police Command in Damascus said another mortar shell fell in the surrounding of the Opera House without causing casualties, noting that two citizens were injured by two other shells which fell at the old Damascus Fair. 

Two Martyred, Another Injured by Terrorists' Gunfire in Jdaidat Artouz 

Meanwhile, two citizens were martyred and another was injured when terrorists opened fire with machineguns at a passenger minibus near Jdaidat Artouz suburb in Damascus Countryside. 

An official source told SANA reporter that terrorists opened fire at the passenger minibus on al-Arbaeen Highway opposite to the Police Housing Compounds in Jdaidat Artouz. 

A medical source at al-Muwasat Hospital said bodies of a baby girl and a young man arrived in the hospital, noting that an injured person is being hospitalized.








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