Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Salehi: Some Countries Insist on Repeating Mistakes and Complicating Situation in Syria

TEHRAN, (SANA) – Iranian foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi denounced the positions and steps taken by some country regarding Syria, saying that these countries are repeating mistakes and thus complicate the situation in Syria further.

In a statement following a meeting of the Iranian Cabinet on Wednesday, Salehi said that mistakes are being made in resolving the crisis in Syria, voicing regret that some countries' steps cause further bloodshed and spread violence.

He said that providing facilitation to the opposition and elements in Syria which are considered terrorist even by western intelligence agencies leads to more deaths among innocent people in Syria.

Salehi said that the Arab League's decision to hand over Syria's seat to the alleged "temporary government" sets a precedent and will one day affect those who made this decision.

He voiced Iran's opinion that the crisis in Syria must be resolved logically and legally, and that Tehran has made clear its calls for ending violence before anything else, yet some insist to complicate the situation further which only leads to further bloodshed.

Iran Stresses Need to Prevent Terrorists From Using Chemical Weapons Again

Earlier, Salehi stressed the need to prevent the armed groups in Syria from repeating the act of using chemical weapons. 

In a message to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Head of the UN Security Council, Salehi called for taking protective measures that ensure this scenario will not be repeated. 

Salehi denounced the using of chemical weapons by the terrorist groups against citizens in Khan al-Asal in Aleppo, adding that "This incident is a flagrant threat to the international peace and security and outrageous violation of the international agreements, particularly the Non-Proliferation of Chemical Weapons Treaty." 

"Iran condemns the inhumane crime and expects that all the governments and international organizations, including the UN, will quickly and honestly condemn this crime and will spare no effort to prevent such crimes from taking place. Tehran supports investigating this crime and hope that the investigation will be neutral and serious," Salehi stressed. 

M. Nassr / H. Sabbagh

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