Saturday, March 30, 2013

Iran: Giving Syria's Seat at the UN to Opposition Affects Its Principles

TEHRAN, (SANA)-Iran's permanent Envoy to the UN Mohammad Khazaee said that the attempt by a number of states to give Syria seat at the UN to the so-called "Syrian opposition" abroad will affect the international laws and could target the countries that supported it, describing the move as very dangerous. 

"The endeavors of some countries to offer Syria seat at the UN to the pro-western opposition is considered as a step which affects principles of the UN charters," Khazaee said in a statement. 

"Differences in viewpoints among envoys at the UN are natural, but replacement of opposition in the place of the states is considered as a precedent and dangerous way," Khazaee added. 

Russia decisively rejected giving Syria seat at the UN to the opposition. 


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