Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ambassador Ahmad: Replacing Legitimate State with Illegitimate Non-Viable Entity Is Illegal Precedent

DAMASCUS,(SANA)- Ambassador, Youssef Ahmad stressed that replacing a completely sovereign legitimate state with an illegitimate non-viable monstrosity entity by the Arab League is an unprecedented step as it allows all the oppositions in the Arab countries to demand the same specialties of Istanbul Council with its new form. 

In an interview with al-Mayadin Satellite Channel, Ahmad said that the goal of this step is to take Syria away from the League's meetings so as to facilitate implementing the plan required from it as the League has made itself a part of the Syrian crisis and not a part of the solution. 

He added that Syria is not concerned with any decision issued by the league with its various levels as long as it doesn't attend its discussions, therefore this decision is null and void and has no legal effect. 

Ahmad said that the League's decision before the call for arming the terrorist groups in Syria is dangerous as it is a brazen violation of the League's charter and its internal system, and it is also considered a flagrant interference in Syria's internal affairs.

Suspending the participation of the Syrian delegations in the League's meetings aims at taking it away from the meetings of the League to liquidate the Palestinian issue according to a decision taken by the US, the Western countries and Israel, Ambassador Ahmad said. 

He indicated that the practices of the Arab League regarding the crisis in Syria since its beginning haven't been related to its charter or its internal system or the principles of the joint Arab work as well as the interests of the national security. 

He added that those practices have been governed by four factors, the first of which is a gulf violation of the League's decisions led by Qatar and Saudi Arabia with the aim of imposing a political agenda related to the interests of the US and the West. 

The second factor is the complete collusion and subordination of the League's Secretariat-General represented in its secretary-general and his assistants who manage the League and its meetings in the way dictated by the Gulf Cooperation Council, Ahmad said. 

He added that the third factor is the silence and the negative interaction of most of the Arab states due to the political and economic crises which they are threatened with or their subordination to the decision of the Gulf Cooperation Council. 

"While the fourth factor is the moderate role of the countries which reject this gulf violation are few and they can't affect or thwart the statements and decisions issued by the League such as Iraq, Algeria and Lebanon to some extent," he said. 

He pointed out that the scheme of Qatar and Saudi Arabia aims at sowing sedition in the region in implantation of US-Israeli agendas.

H. Zain/ R. Jazaeri 

The Arab League originated in the Colonial Office in London and represented an attempt by Britain to maintain its monopoly on power in the Middle East.  The League was set up as a body to promote cooperation among Arabs in lieu of the total unity or confederation advocated by some Arab leaders.  At the time, the Arab public did not know of the British involvement and assumed that the League was the first direction of total Arab unity or at least unity of purpose.
Said K. Aburish ~  “Nasser: The Last Arab “

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