Sunday, January 13, 2013

Turkey stops supporting al-Nusra Front "Temporarily"

Breaking News

Al-Watan Newspaper says that "Turkish government has blocked its borders with Syria in the face of al-Nusra Front, which linked to Qaeda organization, temporarily 
The newspaper says that “despite supporting this strict organization and backing it up during the previous period, the attitude of Ankara has finally changed”.

“Turkey has finally dried the sources of financing al-Nusra Front for uncovered reasons, and perhaps it is to review their supporting attitude, which led to the coup of a group of the fighters against Alerdoganah government”

According to the sources, Ankara’s fear from al-Nusra is intelligence and that is due to the fear of forming an Osmani branch, like the Sham branch, as the fact that the regime in Turkey is secular “Infidel”.


  1. Wonder what "temporarily" means and what "stopping support" entails.

    According to this article, which I don't know if you've seen,

    " The new Syrian National Coalition is a joke. Those GCC bastions of democracy are now totally spooked by the jihadi tsunami. Russia drew the red line and NATO won't dare to bomb; Russians and Americans are now discussing details. And sooner or later Ankara will see the writing on the wall - and revert to a policy of at least minimizing trouble with the neighbors."
    Assad saw The Big Picture - clearly, thus his "confident" speech. It's now Assad against the jihadis

    1. yes i am aware, i think it is again a translation issue w/Breaking News and i don't like to correct or it slants to my perspective possibly ... i am sure Turkey is finally waking up to what danger it has brought into region but the Saudis and Qataris are not giving up, they want any insurgent not joining al Nusra murdered. Also they are ones funding terrorists in Mali so can France has excuse to invade ... meanwhile USA is attempting to put al Nusra on their homemade terrorism list

    2. then again Bill am not sure where Erdogan's head is

      Erdoğan ist eine Marionette der Wahhabiten

    3. and one more on Erodgan and his dreams of the Ottoman Empire returning
      Turkey appoints Wali over the Syrians