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Syria ~ Parliamentary Reconciliation Committee: We Will Work to Make the Political Program Successful

Parliamentary Reconciliation Committee: We Will Work to Make the Political Program Successful 

DAMASCUS, (SANA)- Chairman of the National Reconciliation Committee at the People's Assembly, Omar Aussi, stressed that the Committee will work on getting engaged into in the political process and effectively contributing to make the implementation of the political program to solve the crisis in Syria successful. 

In a press conference held on Sunday, Aussi said the newly established and democratically elected Committee will take part in all the ongoing preparations to hold the comprehensive national dialogue considering it as a safe and only way out of the crisis. 

He explained that field tours will be carried out in all the provinces with the aim to meet with the social, political, cultural and economic figures and listen to their suggestions for an exit from the crisis. 

"We will work on spreading and consolidating the culture of citizenship and coexistence among the various spectra of the Syrian society with all its constituents," he said. 

Intellectual lectures and symposiums, to which all social, cultural and political figures will be invited, will be held by the Committee via the media and cultural centers in all the provinces to contribute to realizing this end, Aussi added. 

He noted that the Committee will ask its members and all the People's Assembly members in the provinces to provide a social study from each province about the structure of the influential political and social forces in it.  

Chairman of the National Reconciliation Committee highlighted the importance of communication and coordination with the executive authorities in the provinces to contribute to alleviating the suffering of citizens and tackling the issue of the abductees as well as the release of the detainees who did not commit crimes. 

Aussi told the journalists that the Committee will work on taking care of the temporary residential centers and providing the needs for citizens who were forced to flee their houses because of the acts of the terrorist groups. 

He reiterated stress on the significance of coordinating with all the national reconciliation committees on the popular and official levels, particularly the Ministry of State for National Reconciliation Affairs.

Aussi said that the national opposition which did not get involved in instigation against Syria and did not call for foreign intervention or imposing sanctions on the Syrian people will be relied on to make the political program a success.

He added that the opposition forces inside and outside Syria which refuse to engage in the national dialogue are doing so because they are benefiting from the current situation and have fears of going to the polling boxes since they have no popular support on the ground, particularly those who call for foreign intervention.

Aussi stressed that the National Reconciliation Committee will carry out its mission despite all difficulties it might face in areas where the armed terrorist groups exist.

He indicated that the Committee's work mainly depends on the Syrian people and national opposition figures, noting that the Committee has already received calls from some opposition sides expressing their readiness to participate in the political process in Syria and the comprehensive national dialogue which will be held under the supervision of the current government.

Regarding the economic side of the Committee's work, Aussi said that its current program comprises initial proposals that will be revised to include all domains and reach a national work agenda.

He pointed out to the efforts exerted by trade and industrial figures in defending the Syrian people and preserving their living.

Aussi hailed the sacrifices and steadfastness of the Syrian Arab Army to restore security and stability and protect citizens in the face of the armed groups, noting that the Committee will communicate with a number of armed opposition groups which express readiness to put their arms aside on condition that they did not get involved in shedding blood.

He said that Turkey has waged a clear indirect aggression against Syria after the failure of its attempts to repeat the Libyan scenario in Syria with the aim to undermine Syria's role in the region through providing financial and logistic support to the armed terrorist groups. 

He however stressed that the steadfastness of the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian people's adherence to their national unity and decision foiled Turkey's attempts. 

H. Said


People's Assembly: Political Program Is the Best Way to Achieve Syrians' Aspirations 




DAMASCUS, (SANA)_ The People's Assembly stressed that it will work to unify its members' efforts, including the national reconciliation committee which was formed by the assembly, and through all available means to make the political program set by President Bashar al-Assad to resolve the crisis in Syria a success. 

In a statement issued on Sunday, the Assembly said that it will activate the political move and dialogue among all spectrums of the Syrian people and its political and intellectual parties and mobilize them to be engaged in the national dialogue provided by the program to foil the attack targeting Syria and to draw its political future in the framework of pluralism, democracy and protection of human rights. 

The Assembly confirmed its full support for the political program to resolve the crisis in Syria based on Syria's sovereignty which is derived from the will of the Syrian people. 

It considered the program as the best and the more effective way for Syria to exit from its crisis and achieve the Syrians' aspirations in a more powerful, democratic and pluralistic country that ensures the rights of its citizens. 

"The national responsibility requires all Syrian national and political powers in the opposition inside and outside the country, all political activists, intellectuals and figures of civil society, whether they were organized in parties and movements or working independently, to engage positively in the national dialogue and participate in shaping the future of Syria," the statement said. 

It stressed that all efforts should be combined to surpass the ordeal, triumph over the enemies of the homeland and to uproot terrorism which targets all Syrians. 

The Assembly called upon all regional countries, especially those who claim keenness on the Syrian people's interests, to abide by the ethical values and principles of international law to prevent funding, arming and harboring terrorists and to stop smuggling mercenaries to Syria for the success of the solution plan. 

The Assembly's statement hailed the friendly countries' positions which confirmed their support to the political solutions in Syria and rejection of all forms of foreign interference in its internal affairs. 

It stressed that shaping Syria's political future based on political pluralistic, rule of law, equality among citizens, combating corruption and developing the state institutions requires all Syrians to work tirelessly to fortify the country against the foreign avidity. 

"Whoever rejects to take part in the national dialogue under unjustified pretexts is responsible for the continuation of bloodshed in Syria through participation, directly or indirectly, in prolonging the crisis and destroying the state' structure, role and position," the statement concluded. 

H. Zain / Ghossoun

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