Friday, January 11, 2013

Russia: Syrian Opposition Allies Plan Provocations Involving Slavs to Defame Russia

Russia: Syrian Opposition Allies Plan Provocations Involving Slavs to Defame Russia

MOSCOW, (SANA)_ The Syrian opposition allies are preparing provocative operations involving Slav mercenaries in a bid to defame Russia’s reputation as one of the mediators in the negotiation process, a Russian military diplomatic source said Friday. 

The source added the interested states are recruiting Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian citizens who should play the role of Russian “mercenaries”, allegedly fighting for the regime in Syria.

“According to the scenario, these mercenaries will be taken as prisoners by the armed terrorist groups of the so-called free army and will then testify on camera, ” the source said.

It added that plots to that end are due to be filmed in Turkey and Jordan, where large-scale scenery of allegedly destroyed Syrian cities has long since been built and has been actively used for misinformation purposes.

The source pointed to the United Nations’ charge of Russia of supporting the Syrian leadership and to the news broadcast by the Western media to instigate the issue of sending Russian arms to Syria.

It said that the aim of this provocation is to accuse Russia of interfering directly in the events in Syria and to denude it of its role as a mediator in the negotiation process.

According to the source this will enable the interested states of the West and the Middle East to create the necessary conditions for changing the regime in Syria.

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  1. A Russian source revealed that the ally-countries to the Syrian opposition are recruiting Salafi-looking agents of the nationalities of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, to send them to play the rule of prisoners who were fighting with the Syrian regime in Syria.

    The source added that those virtual mercenaries who are prisoners in the armed groups should say on the TV that the Russian intelligence sent them from Russia to Syrian by the Russian warships.