Friday, January 25, 2013

New Yorkers Protests anti-Islamic propaganda

New Yorkers Protests anti-Islamic propaganda

TEHRAN, Jan. 24 (MNA) - Protestors in New York have condemned the latest anti-Islamic propaganda campaign by Pamela Geller Group and their website. Some New Yorkers had stick notes on the Pamela Geller’s posters in New York Subway saying; “this is a propaganda war, and you are the target.”

Just like the previous propaganda posters from Pamela Geller’s group, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) in New York Subway, people posted protest stickers on them quickly.

Reports say AFDI has spent over $70,000 for these propaganda posters, which shows a picture of burning twin towers of World Trade Center, and on the side of it printed “Soon shall we cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers,” supposed to be a translation of  verses of Quran. The translated verse of Quran is the distorted translation of Verse151of Surah (Chapter) Al-Imran (the Family of Imran).

Social activists of New York have travelled Greenwich Village to post banners against anti-Islamic propaganda
This verse is part of 200 verses of Sura Al-Imran, which talks about God giving peace, tranquility and certitude to believers and says the non-believers would have fear, horror, apprehension and anxiety in their hearts and minds, which is a state of mind for believers and non-believers and not the actual act of terror against anybody.
One of the protestors explained to a reporter why Pamela Geller’s group (AFDI) was doing this hateful propaganda; “this afternoon people who could not stand aside to see this hateful propaganda came here and protested.”

A banner denouncing anti-Islamic propaganda on 23rd street subway train station

A filmmaker said “American must understand that, this is a propaganda war, and has targeted public at large.” He also added these propaganda were clearly hateful and racists.
A student protester said; “American Muslims experience daily racist humiliation, widespread illegal search, police arrest them and courts send them to jail illegally every day.”  He added that this propaganda was a new tool in line to facilitate and support violence against American Muslims.

Banner in New York against anti-Islamic propaganda in 50th street subway train station in Manhattan

A human-right activist who was also protesting said; “This is as a result of and reaction to the US actions against Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and other countries around the world which have resulted in thousands of American soldiers’ death and injury, not to mention thousands more in those countries for the past 11 years. And now the US is threatening Iranian people by other tools such as imposing cripplingsanctions, which is a form of declaration of war.” He added, “We, New Yorkers, declare explicitly, that we will not accept these trivial and resist shows, and warmongering in this hateful propaganda.”


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