Friday, January 25, 2013

Kremlin: President al-Assad Political Plan Is Good Basis for Solution

MOSCOW, (SANA)- The Kremlin announced that the political program proposed by President Bashar al-Assad could be a good basis for solving the crisis in Syria. 

"We sincerely believe the plan that was suggested by President Assad is a kind of continuation of the Geneva talks and could constitute a very good basis for further attempts of a settlement of the problem," Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary for Russian President Vladimir Putin, said in an interview with the American National Interest newspaper published on Friday. 

Peskov stressed that the question to be asked now is "what we are all prepared to do in order to solve the Syrian crisis. Because there are lots of countries giving different kinds of support to rebels, to opposition, that definitely do not support a viable or sustainable solution to the Syrian crisis." 

"To the contrary," the Russian President' Press Secretary added, "[this support] leads to further degradation of the situation there in Syria." 

He affirmed that Russia supports the idea that "the future of Syria is subject to decisions taken by all sides of the Syrian conflict-President Assad, his government, the Syrian people, including those who are being named as opposition." 

"Those are the only ones who should make a decision," he added, rejecting the idea of having the decision about Syria's future taken anywhere else. 

The Russian official reiterated that the decision about the future of Syria "cannot be taken somewhere abroad, cannot be taken in the other capitals," stressing that "this kind of decision cannot be viable."

Margelog: Russia's Stance on Syria Is Firm 

In a relevant context, Mikhail Margelov, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Russian State Duma, stressed that the increased support to the Syrian opposition by some countries further complicates the efforts to find a solution in Syria. 

Margelov reiterated in a statement his country's firm stance on seeking to consolidate regional stability based on the international law, including the Syrian issue. 

"Russia's stance towards the crisis in Syria has remained firm since the beginning as it stresses on internal reforms and dialogue among all the parties," the Russian official said. 

He noted that the latest events related to "the increased external support for the Syrian opposition adds to the difficulty of reaching a compromise in Syria." 

Margelov pointed out that the disharmony in the stances towards the crisis in Syria occupies a notable place among the contradictions between Russia, Europe and the US. 

He warned that the events in Syria could turn out to cause a tragedy in the region because of the important geopolitical position Syria enjoys in the region. 

H. Said

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