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Military Interference In Syria To Destabilize Entire Region: Tunisian Envoy

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January 11, 2013

Military interference in Syria could destabilize the whole region – ambassador

MOSCOW: Military interference in the Syrian crisis could destabilize the whole region, Tunisian Ambassador to Russia Ali Gutali told a news conference in Moscow on Friday.

“Tunisia has taken a stance of principle on the Syrian issue. We want the crisis to be settled peacefully by consensus. Tunisia is opposed to military interference and the imposition of a military solution to the conflict. Such measures could destabilize the whole region,” Gutali emphasized.

The Tunisian ambassador said that Tunisia hadn’t yet recognized the National Coalition of Syrian Opposition Forces. “However, we believe that representatives of the entire spectrum of political forces should join efforts aimed at settling the crisis,” Ali Gutali went on to say.

Asked to comment on a number of media reports that Tunisian citizens were involved in hostilities in Syria, the ambassador replied that Tunisia didn’t have organizations that were recruiting people for participation in military hostilities or terrorist activities in Syria. At the same time, the diplomat noted that there had been incidents when Tunisian youth illegally joined the fighting groups in Syria.

“Tunisia is in a period of transition. Therefore, we still have security problems and difficulties in restoring control on the border. However, the government is doing its best to stand against such incidents,” the Tunisian ambassador said in conclusion.

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