Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mexicans Rally to Urge US to End Gun Trafficking Through Border

TEHRAN (FNA)- Mexican protesters in their dozens rallied to call on the US to stop the illegal gun trade through the Mexico-US border.

Demonstrations took place outside the US embassy in Mexico City on Monday to urge the US to reform its loose policies on border control, which the protesters said are responsible for soaring drug-related violence.

"Guns are being smuggled out of the country (US) so easily now and causing the carnage," US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Former Deputy Director Alonzo Pea said.

President of the University of North Tamaulipas Francisco Ochavira Martinez said the protesters want US President Barack Obama to put an end to arms trafficking, which leads to the killing of thousands of people, press tv reported.

He said the people also called on Obama to halt US deportations of illegal Mexican immigrants until the US immigration law is reformed.

Mexican migrants use the 3,200-kilometer stretch of borderland with the US to cross into America to join families and seek jobs, but border police often deport them or arrest them in transit.

"It is unfair that they [US immigration officers] can grab us and throw us back here without having done anything. People are trying to work, then they grab them at work and toss him back over here," Pedro Sandoval, a protester, said.

The protest came on the day of Obama's swearing-in for his second presidential term. The Latin population in the US supported Obama's victory in the November 6, 2012 election based on a promise of improving migrant policies and border controls.

The protesters in Mexico carried banners with slogans that urged Obama to fulfill his promise.

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