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Death Toll of Clashes in Egypt Rises to 30, More Than 700 Wounded

Death Toll of Clashes in Egypt Rises to 30, More Than 700 Wounded

Jan 26, 2013

CAIRO, (SANA)- The death toll of the ongoing clashes between Security Forces and demonstrators in Egypt which started since Friday on the 2nd anniversary of January 25th revolution rose to 30 and more than 700 wounded, according to medical sources and a statement by the Egyptian Health Ministry. 

The Health Ministry said that 22 people were killed and 200 others were injured in the city of Port Said on Saturday. 

Earlier, the clash between the Security Forces and demonstrators near Port Said Prison resulted in the killing of 5 persons, among them an officer and a police officer, and injuring of 75 others.

Egyptian Interior Ministry Spokesman , Major Gen. Osama Ismael said that an officer and a police secretary were killed and scores of the Prisons guard forces were injured in the events.
Ismael added that the number of  police members who were injured during the last two days reached 122.

Egyptian al-Yaoum7 site quoted medical sources in al-Suez city as saying that the death toll of clashes in this port city rose to 9 , adding that the victims died of live bullets. 

The sources said that 118 persons were injured during the clashes. 

Earlier, Ministry of Health reported that one citizen was killed in al-Ismailia city with more than 456 wounded people. 

Clashes between Egyptian Security forces and protestors broke out in a number of Egyptian cities on the 2nd anniversary of January 25th revolution against policies of President Mohammad Morsi. 

Meanwhile, more than 15 political powers in the country called on the Egyptian people to demonstrate on Saturday in protest of the policies of Morsi and the rule of the Muslim brotherhood. 

The powers announced organizing a mass peaceful march at 3 afternoon setting off from al-Tahrir Square before Omar Makram mosque into al-Shura council. 

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